Endurance Riding, Part 2, Section 4

Packing Check List

Horse Supplies
Breast Collar Lead Rope(s) 
Bridle Lunge Line(s) 
Buckets (Feed & Water) Manure Fork / Rake / Shovel 
Crop Rain Sheet 
Crupper Reins 
Electrolytes Saddle 
Feed measured in individual, marked bags Saddle Rack 
Girth Saddle Pad 
Halter Salt 
Hay Sweat Sheet / Towels 
Hay Bag(s) Shipping Boots / Wraps 
Grooming & Assorted Spare Parts & Repair
Brushes (assorted) Breast Collar 
Clean Rags Duct Tape 
Fly Spray Girth 
Hoof Pick(s) Halter 
Shampoo Leather Thongs 
Sponges Leather Punch 
Sweat Scraper(s) Reins 
Snaps / Rings 
Cubbyhole Stirrup Leather(s) 
Directions / Map 
Horse Log Book Personal Supplies
Rider Log Book Alarm Clock(s) 
Contact Lenses and Solution 
Camping Supplies Deodorant 
Canteen / Water Bottles Face cloths 
Hammer Glasses (spare) 
Hatchet Hair Brush 
Lantern Hair Conditioner 
Pillow(s) Insect Repellent 
Saddle Bags (if using) Jacket / Jersey 
Sleeping Bag & Extra Blanket Jeans 
Stakes Leisure Shoes 
Stretcher / Foam pad / Mattress  Make-up 
Tarpaulin Medications (Headache pills etc.) 
Tent Moisturiser 
Trash Bags Money 
Waterproof Jacket / Raincoat Mud Boots 
Nail Clippers 
In Easy Access Nail File 
Batteries Pencil & Notepad 
Camera & spare film Riding Boots 
Flashlight Riding Gloves 
Rain Gear Riding Pants 
To take on the Course Shaving Gear 
Black Insulation Tape Shirts / T-shirts 
First Aid Kit Soap 
Halter Socks 
Helmet Sun Block 
Hoof Pick (folding is best) Tissues 
Knife (sharp) Toilet Paper 
Lead Rope Toothbrush & paste 
Leather Thongs Towel(s) 
Lip Balm Tweezers 
Snack Items (if using) Underwear 
Sponge on a string Warm Hat & Gloves 
String Other 
Wire Cutters 
Food Preparation & Supplies
Aluminium Foil Paper / Plastic / Tin cups and plates 
Cooking Utensils Eating Utensils 
Cooler Stove & gas 
Ice Towels 
Matches (all weather) or lighter (all weather) Zip Lock Bags 
Personal Food Choices
Pot Luck Item 
Daily Menu (itemise ingredients) 
How many meals? 
How many days? 
Trailer / Camper / Vehicle Supplies
Blankets Propane 
Chocks Propane Heater 
Covers Quilt 
Fire Extinguisher Sheets 
First Aid Kit Tarp 
Hangers Trailer Ties 
Lantern Trailer Wheel 
Parachute Cord Wheel Well 
Pillow(s) Wire Ties 
Departure Check : Truck & Trailer
All Items Loaded House Sitter 
Armed Reaction Notified Keys 
Brakes Checked Lights Checked 
Bucket with Water for Horse(s) Lights Hooked Up 
Doors Locked Secure Livestock Care Instructions 
Extra Oil Pet Food & Water 
Fluids OK? Pool Care Instructions 
Fuel OK? Tyre Inflation OK 
Garden Water Instructions Wheels Un-chocked 
Hay Bag(s) tied in Trailer Other 
Hitch chain 
Hitch on 
Horses In & Tied (Don't laugh - it happens!) 
Tool Box Basics & Crisis Management
Aerosol Tyre Fixer Tow Chain / Cable 
Baling Wire / Twine Tyre Iron 
Hammer Vehicle Jack 
Horse Trailer Spare Tyre OK? Vehicle Spare Tyre OK? 
Screwdrivers : Flat; Star Wire Cutter 
Spare Hoses & Belts Wrench 
After Trail
Assorted Plasters Muscle Relaxant (Human) 
Bute Pain Killers (Human) 
Wraps / Boots / Liniment / Bandages Headache Tablets 

Part 3, Section 1