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Ljufur, Cruciate Ligament Problem

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Ljufur, a 16-year-old imported Icelandic Horse / Pony, started having a clicking sound coming from his right stifle (back leg) about three years ago, approximately two weeks after he had been repeatedly kicked by another Icelandic Pony gelding. We do not know if the incidents are connected.

At first we thought it might be spavin, but none of the tests or x-rays confirmed spavin.

He is at the point now of it being pretty difficult for him to move. Sometimes he gets "stuck" in a spot. His mind is still active and he still wants to do his tricks. He knows his left foot from his right foot, allows me to put my fist in his mouth, and is an all-round great horse!

In this little video, he was stuck in one spot on the driveway, and I'm trying to encourage him to come along. He paws the ground to let me know that he's trying but he's having trouble. He takes one stride and has to stop again.

It will be a very sad day when he has to leave.

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