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Icelandic Horse Crossword Puzzle

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1. How many beats to a canter
2. Robyn and Phil's place
5. A gaited pony
6. The gait which comes easiest to a horse is ________
7. Known for full mane and ________
9. Judy's handle
10. Opposite of lateral
11. Renee's handle
12. Riding without a bit
14. Soft diagonal gait
17. Saddle without a tree
18. Tool for grooming thick coats
19. Riding without a saddle


1. Another word for rack
3. How many beats to a saddle rack
4. Country of origin
8. Opposite of dorsiflexion
13. Hock disease
15. Raising the back
16. Linda Tellington-Jones method

Icelandic Horse 
crossword puzzle

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