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Icelandic Horse Cross, Sonny

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This is Sonny, a 20 year old "probable" Icelandic Horse cross.

By his owner:

A friend and gaited horse dealer told us our pony was probably Icelandic and in looking at your WONDERFUL site I would have to agree. He is gaited and we were thinking a cross. He was a rescue of sorts so we have no background info. He had been abused at some point but my son was able to retrain him from total fear of tack to his recently working in his first Cowboy Mounted Shooting Clinic. He is the most game little pony we could imagine and several small adult riders have said he was the smoothest ride they ever experienced. Now we are learning more about the Icelandic gaits we will see what he can do. I have attached a photo. He is so cute and has a little butterlfy marking on his upper lip for ' Buttterfly kisses' he is the most popular pony in our 4-H club. He has done trail on our dairy farm, drill team and now cowboy mounted shooting. He is the one all the other horses want to be with. Well I wanted to thank you for your very well done site - and the puzzles are great. I cant wait to share this site with my niece and our 4-H Hippology team it is loaded with valuable info for them.

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