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Icelandic Horse Crosses

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If an Icelandic Horse was crossed with another breed, what would it be called?

Haflinger X Icelandic = Ice Flinger

Indonesia has a breed called the Java. Icelandic X Java = Ice Java.

Icelandic X Akhal Teke = Ice Teke. (Sounds like a drink with a little umbrella.)

Exmoor X Icelandic = Exlandic. (Sounds like a laxative.)

Haflinger X Icelandic = Icelinger

Friesian X Icelandic = IceFreezer

Gotland X Icelandic = Got Ice?

How about a mini mule cross? Chili Burrito? (chili = chilly.... :-)

Morgan X Icelandic = More Ice

Icelandic X Paso Fino = Ice Passer

Icelandics X Florida Crackers = Ice Crackers

Donkey cross Icelandic = Half Ass or alternately Half Ice. If you're from deep enough in the south, they would both be pronounced the same... :)

Icelandic x American Cream Draft = Ice Cream

Icelandic x Suffolk = Suffice

Strut, Welsh / Icelandic cross

Sonny, Unknown type Icelandic cross

Cocoa, Virginia Highlander / Icelandic cross

Mercedes, Tennessee Walker / Icelandic cross

Luna, Gypsy Vanner / Icelandic cross

Midnight, Quarter Horse / Icelandic Cross

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