Lee Ziegler has information about how to evaluate conformation on her website:

An interesting comment from Janice:

"One cool thing to do that actually was very helpful to me in a weird reverse sorta way.... I was hanging out at the barn and had already done my horses conformation by Lee's chart and forms. So just for fun I did one of those big butt big muscled show QH, a halter champion actually... I learned a lot! I could really see WHY a gaited horse gaits when I did this. Its hard to explain. But when you do it with a gaited horse, the angles and measurements can be so close to the desired norm you can be thinking IS it that angle etc... but then when I did it on the QH it was so obvious I would go OH, NOW I GET IT... ANyway, try it for fun. Its very interesting. For one thing they have such long backs and their hocks are way more behind the tail position etc. Also, I did it on an arabian. One of those tiny prancy dancy ones, and was surprised at how similar they can be in the neck to back length ratio etc.


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