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Cinnamon, A Rescue / Rehab Pony

Flash! This mare and foal have been adopted!

Cinnamon is an older (maybe 18 - 19 years) chestnut mare, said to be an Icelandic Horse, and held for adoption by Superstition Foothills Ranch Rescue Foundation, Apache Junction, Arizona.

She has been there for five weeks, obtained from a horse trader who most likely got her at auction. She was due to foal and they used that time to put weight on her. The buyer was told "the mare was on a pony ride circle before she was to big with baby, so she was very well broke." We don't know for sure about this statement as she hasn't been tried, due to her condition.

She has been given all her shots including WNV, wormed, and put on bermuda and mare & foal supplement. Her front feet have been trimmed, but she was somewhat reluctant about her back feet.

The mare has foaled: "... went out at 4am and there was the baby, all dried off and running around. The placenta and after birth was all there in the straw, nothing retained, the mare was doing great as was the filly. The filly is long legged, a yellow dun with a stripe down her back, dorsal stripes and stripes behind front legs, above the knees. Her face is very dark, her mane and tail are coal black as are her legs to above the knees She has a short coat, which is a medium tan color in the body. She has no white on her, neither has the mare. The filly seems to be in good condition, her ribs are showing, but she has a healthy appetite and had good bowl movements within 1 1/2 hour of birth."

Additionally from the rescue organization: "We want to adopt her and baby to a good loving family (of course, as does everyone). We would ask for an $800 adoption fee to cover the purchase price and part of the vet costs/shots/worming that has been done. This little filly is absolutely gorgeous and is very friendly/curious."

And: "...she is around 12 - 12 1/2 h....I believe she is a silver dapple diluted."

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