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If you already have a horse, these books will help you tremendously! If you haven't bought a horse yet, read first!

The training books will help you establish a good relationship with your horse. Clicker Training by Alexandra Kurland and Don't Shoot the Dog by Karen Pryor are "must have" books. True Horsemanship Thru Feel, Parelli Natural Horse-man-ship, John Lyons' Ground Control Manual, and the books of Mark Rashid: Considering the Horse, A Good Horse is Never a Bad Color, and Horses Never Lie and also very valuable to have.

The books that will give you more information about relationships are: the Tao of Equus, Living with HorsePower, The Birdie Book, and Dancing With Horses. These books are powerful! and will teach you so much about relating to Icelandic Horses, who are very spiritual horses.

Riding any gaited horses, including Icelandic Horses, improperly can be difficult on their backs which can lead to hindquarter and lameness problems. A few of the absolutely necessary books you should have are: Horse Gaits, Balance and Movement; The Horse's Back; Principles of Conformation Analysis. These books can be ordered from the box at the bottom of this page or by clicking on the links provided.

Lee, Ziegler, Easy Gaited Horses

Joyce Harman, DVM
The Horse's Pain-free Back And Saddle-fit Book

Lessons in Lightness,
Bettina Drummond

Dancing With The Dark Horse
By Chris Irwin

Clicker Training
Clicker Training for Your Horse
Alexandra Kurland
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Or order at http://theclickercenter.com
Also, the brand new Step by Step
Picture Clicker Training book is available now!

Understand Your Icelandic Horse,
by Rikke Schultz
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The Art and Science of Clicker Training for Horses

The Tao of Equus: A Woman's Journey
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The Nature of Horses, Steven Budiansky

Gincy Bucklin, How Your Horse Wants You To Ride

Gerd Heuschmann, Tug of War

What Your Horse Wants You To Know, Gincy Bucklin

Simplify Your Riding, Wendy Murdoch

Horse Conformation As To Soundness, Ben Green

Dressage Principles, Charles deKunffy

Training Strategies for the Dressage Horse, Charles deKunffy

The Athletic Development of the Dressage Horse, Charles deKunffy

Centered Riding 2, Sally Swift

Gerhard Kapitzke, The Bit and The Reins

Adams' Lameness in Horses, Ted S. Stashak

Horse Gaits, Balance and Movement, Susan Harris
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Centered Riding, by Sally Swift

Understanding the Horse's Back, Sara Wyche
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Principles of Conformation Analysis (3 booklets)
by Dr. Deb Bennett
Available from Equus Magazine

Experiences Along The Way
by Joe Andrews

Behavior Modification for Horses

The Lame Horse

The Lame Horse

Mechanics of the Horse

Anatomy of the Horse

Books by Christine Schwartz

The Birdie Book by Dr. Deb Bennett
Equine Studies (this is a book on CD ROM)

Living With Horsepower!
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Living Your Dream
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Jane Savoie
Cross Train Your Horse

Dream Team

A Good Horse has No Color
A Good Horse Has No Color
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True Horsemanship Thru Feel
By Bill Dorrance and Leslie Desmond
Now available in paperback!
True Horsemanship Through Feel
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Conquerors by Dr. Deb Bennett
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Horse's Choice by Staci Wilson
(Owner of Icelandic Horses)
The Horse's Choice
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The Mountain's Call by Caitlin Brennan

Finding Pegasus, by Terry Church

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Considering the Horse, Mark Rashid
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A Good Horse is Never a Bad Color
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Horses Never Lie
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John Lyons' Proven Conditioned Response
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Communicating With Cues
By John Lyons, the new series entitled:
The Making of A Perfect Horse;
Part 1--Communicating with Cues
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Natural Horse-Man-Ship by Pat Parelli

Anatomy in Motion, Susan Harris and Peggy Brown
Videos also available

Don't Shoot the Dog
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by Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling
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Let's Ride! With Linda Tellington-Jones
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Books about Equine Behavior. This list was established by Francis Burton of the Equine Behavior website at http://www.gla.ac.uk/External/EBF.

The Body Language of Horses
Tom Ainslee & Bonnie Ledbetter
W.H.Allen (1987)
ISBN: 0491032455
PURE Wild Horses of the Great Basin: Social Competition and Population Size
Joel Berger
University of Chicago Press (1986)
ISBN: 0226043673
Talking with Horses
Henry Blake
Coronet (1976)
ISBN: 0340208074 [More recent edition Souvenir Press (1990) ISBN: 0285629980]
Horse Sense
Henry Blake
Souvenir Press (1994)
ISBN: 0285632043
Thinking With Horses
Henry Blake
Souvenir Press (1993)
ISBN: 0285631543
PURE Przewalski's Horse: History and Biology of an Endangered Species
Edited by Lee Boyd & Katherine A. Houpt
State University of New York Press (1994)
ISBN: 0791418901
A-Z of Horse Behavior & Training 
Jackie Budd
Howell Books (2000)
ISBN: 0764561111
Reading the Horse's Mind 
Jackie Budd 
Howell Books (1996)
ISBN: 087605744X
The Nature of Horses: Exploring Equine Evolution, Intelligence & Behavior  Stephen Budiansky
Free Press (1997)
ISBN: 0684827689 [Other editions are available]
Understanding Equine Behaviour
Susan Harding
Equus Reference Guides (1989)
ISBN: ???
The Thinking Horse
Andrew Clarke (Director)
Equine Research Centre, Guelph (1995)
ISBN: 0889554250
PURE The Behaviour of the Horse
Andrew F. Fraser
CAB International (1992)
ISBN: 0851987850
The Horse's Mind
Lucy Rees
Stanley Paul (1984)
ISBN: 009153660X
La Mente Del Caballo
Lucy Rees
J.Noticias,s.l. (2000)
ISBN: 8487428355
[Spanish translation of The Horse's Mind]
PURE Domestic Animal Behaviour for Veterinarians and Animal Scientists
K.A. Houpt & T.R. Wolski
Iowa State University Press (1982)
ISBN: 0813810604
Understanding Horses
Garda Langley
David & Charles (1988)
ISBN: 0715394169
Your Horse's Mind
Leonie Marshall
Crowood Press (1996)
ISBN: 1852239786
Behaviour Problems in Horses
Susan McBane
David & Charles (1994)
ISBN: 0715302620
Understanding Your Horse
Susan McBane
Ward Lock (1992)
ISBN: 0706369769
Understanding Your Pony
Lucy Rees
Stanley Paul (1991)
ISBN: 009174217X
PURE The Behaviour of Domestic Animals (2nd Ed.)
E.S. Hafez (Ed.)
Bailliere, Tindall & Cassell (1969)
ISBN: 0702002909
Understanding Horse Behavior
Sue McDonnell
Eclipse Press (1999)
ISBN: 1581500173
Why Does My Horse...? 
Paul McGreevy
Souvenir Press (2000)
ISBN: 028563562X
Understanding the Ancient Secrets of the Horses Mind
Robert M. Miller
Russell Meerdink Co (1999)
ISBN: 0929346653
Equine Behaviour: Principles & Practice
Daniel Mills & Kathryn Nankervis
Blackwell Science (1998)
ISBN: 0632048786
Desmond Morris
Jonathan Cape (1988)
ISBN: 0224025953
[several other editions are available]
The Behaviour of Horses
Marthe Kiley-Worthington
J.A.Allen (1987)
ISBN: 0851313973
[a newer 1997 edition is available]
Equine Welfare
Marthe Kiley-Worthington
J.A.Allen (1997)
ISBN: 0851317049
Behavior, Development and Training of the Horse
Frederic J. Sautter & John A. Glover
Arco Publishing Inc. (1981)
ISBN: 0668048093
The Mind of the Horse
R.H. Smythe
Castle Books (1997)
ISBN: 0785808744
The Language of the Horse
Michael Schaeffer
Kaye & Ward (1975)
ISBN: 0668037628
Inside Your Horse's Mind: A Study of Equine Intelligence and Human Prejudice
Lesley Skipper
J.A.Allen (1999)
ISBN: 0851317383
PURE The Behaviour and Social Organization of the New Forest Ponies
Stephanie J. Tyler
Animal Behaviour Journal Monographs (1972)
Part 2, Volume 5
PURE Horse Behavior: The Behavioral Traits and Adaptations of Domestic and Wild Horses, Including Ponies
George H. Waring
Noyes Publications (1983)
ISBN: 0815509278
PURE Cabal: The Life of a New Forest Pony
Jan Taylor
Squirrel Press (1986)
ISBN: 0958909601
Influencing Horse Behaviour: A Natural Approach to Training    Dr. Jim McCall
Alpine Publications (1988)
ISBN: 0931866375
Horse Psychology 
Moyra Williams
J.A.Allen (1976)
ISBN: 0851312381 [there is also a 1991 edition]
Understanding Nervousness in Horse & Rider
Moyra Williams
J.A.Allen (1999)
ISBN: 0851317472
The Assateague Ponies
Ronald R. Keiper
Tidewater Publishers (1985)
ISBN: 0870333305
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