Icelandic Horses and Equine Biomechanics

Icelandic Horses are subject to the same biomechanics as any other equine.

Kellie Rahm recently said:

Our horses may be different breeds, different conformations, doing different (but similar) gaits BUT they are they same when it comes down to physical laws that apply to all horses. They have the same bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons. All horses have the same bio-mechanical way of moving that involves the stride: weight bearing, loading, mid-stance, acceleration/propulsion and break-over.

Trimming / shoeing the horse, no matter the breed, should be with one goal in mind: to get the horse to be able to cover the maximum amount of ground using the least amount of energy. Not so that we have race horses, but so that the flexor, extensor, and suspensories (as well as the muscles) are all doing their fair share of the work, so that no one body part is over used and wears out. It is all about balance: medial, lateral, and toe to heel.

We encourage all Icelandic Horse breeders (new and old) to study current, up-to-date information about equine biomechanics, anatomy, dressage, farriery, and other topics related to the horse in general, from reliable sources. This information is readily available in book form.