Icelandic Horse Connection

Big Platform

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At the Rider's Field, there's a big "platform" made from telephone poles, built into a square form, filled with dirt.

We practiced sending the horses up and down the platform, stopping half way up, and stopping half way down.

It's a fun exercise, helping to learn how to control your horse's movement and to know how to place his feet where you want them.

The young horses need more support (by physically leading them up and down), while the experienced horses can be asked up and down by the PNH "driving game".

The first three pictures are of a young palomino gelding, who basically jumps up, stands, and then jumps down.

The older grey gelding is able to put his front feet up, stand and wait for his cue to go all the way up, same on the way down.

The young rider is learning how to judge when to ask him to stop between just two feet up, and all four feet up.

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