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Icelandic Horse (Pony) Awards

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There are special people in the world who do special things, especially for the Icelandic Horse. We appreciate those people, and like to recognize them with Awards of Recognition.

Awards have been presented to the following:

[] Janice McDonald, for her rescue of two starving Icelandic Horses, one of which had rabies. Award

[] Dana Johnsen, of Nickers Saddlery, for making saddles that fit the Icelandic Horses so well. Award

[] Karen Thomas, of Wind Gait Icelandic Horses, for promoting the natural Icelandic Horse and her efforts in saddle fit. Award

[] Wanda Lauscher, for her many years of service to the natural training of Icelandic Horses. Award

[] Susan Cooper, for sharing the gelding and natural training pictures and videos of her Icelandic Horses. Award

[] Elizabeth Graves, for her assistance in helping to develop the natural gaits of the Icelandic Horse. Award

[] Leslie Desmond, for her continued support in promoting good horsemanship with Icelandic Horses. Award

[] Susan Young of SaddleUp Tack, for taking care of the tack needs of our Icelandic Horses and their owners. Award

[] Christine Schwartz for her books about the Icelandic Horse, most noteably the newest one, Sleipnir's Story. Award

[] Robyn Hood and Phil Pretty of the IceFarm for their work with TTEAM and the Icelandic Horse and promotion of the natural Icelandic Horse. Award

[] Renee, for entering a show and riding nosebandless. Award

[] Anna and Gloi, for the great example set in clicker training. Award

[] Stan Hirson, for the saddle fitting videos. Award

[] Susan DesertDuty, for the educational gait and dental exam videos. Award

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