Good Horsemanship

Excerpts from Messages from the Animal Kingdom

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Excerpts from Messages from the Animal Kingdom

Copyright 1994 Toraya Ayres. All rights reserved. Reposted with permission

By Toraya Ayres:

The animals... have great love for mankind. They have, in many cases, sacrificed themselves for mankind. This is no longer acceptable.

There once was trust and love between animals and humans. You have projected your own ideas about aggression and competition upon us. We are your friends. We have always been your friends. We shall always be your friends, whether in this dimension or any other.

Yes, we do have feelings. Our consciousness is not the same as yours but just as precious in the mind of the Creator. We are different expressions of the love and art of All That Is. We express many different aspects of you humans. We are like mirrors for you. You can learn from us. Your forefathers knew this and benefitted from it.

It is not acceptable to us to be caged, to be tortured, or to be viewed as having no value except for your convenience. Every creature upon the planet is a legitimate portion of All That Is.

It is time for you to make a conscious effort to change your attitudes towards the animal kingdom. It is time to see all of them as divine expressions of All That Is, each one a creation of spirit. They all serve the Creator in some way just as you do. They have a right to life, love and fulfillment in their own fashion just as you do.

We ask that you extend your caring to all animals, not just those that catch your fancy and appeal to you because of their intelligence, grace, or ability to serve or entertain you. No species holds a grudge against you. They live in innocence and are full of grace. Nevertheless, individual animals may show hostility because there is much feeling about what you have done and what you are doing to them and to the planet which is their home, too.

You, when you distrust nature, put yourself out of alignment with your own spirit and lose much thereby. The messages from nature could save your life, restore your health, and rebalance your planet. Listen to them. Every animal you see could teach you if you were willing to learn. At least send them love and appreciation. Each one has a part to play in the grand drama.

...trust your feelings as part of your nature. They are a built-in system of balance and renewal. They are signals about internal workings. Bodies do not lie and neither do feelings, although they can be affected by your beliefs and thought patterns.

Now is the time. This is a phrase meant to concentrate your attention in the present moment. There is no time other than now. But you can scatter your attention into the past and future. Animals live, as we have said, in the now. That is where your power is too. You can change the past only by changing your attitude towards it in the present. You can change the future only by shifting your state of being in the present. This automatically points you towards a new future probability. Do you see why we say your power is in the present? Watch how the animals use their concentration in the present.

You think of animals as more free than you are. In some ways this is true. However, ours is a freedom of a different sort: freedom to move, to be physically focused without guilt and shame, to feel and react. Yours is the freedom to create. It is a divine gift and it is yours alone.

At present you distrust us, the voices of nature and we find it difficult to trust you because of your actions when you are not in alignment with your own spirit. We have much feeling about this. We have had a long history with you. The history we speak of is one of relationship. You are mature enough now as a species to begin to examine this relationship and your attitudes towards animals, both historically and in the present. We are asking you to do this.

What are the relationships you value? Are they not those of love and equality? Do you not protest when one group considers itself superior and attempts to dominate another? It is the same with us. The elephants do not attempt to dominate the lions, though they may kill one in the natural course of events.

In the eyes of spirit our value is not less than yours. You carry more responsibility because of your relationship to creative spirit. It is your task to recognize that you are different and yet not spiritually superior in the sense of having a right to treat us without love or to destroy us for your convenience. You do not like slavery. You have learned, for the most part, to abhor it. You are horrified when one person abuses another. Use the same standard with us. We, in the form of cattle, are not meant by the creative spirit to be your slaves. Nor are the chickens meant to be confined in small cages. Remember the story of Pegasus. Bellerophon could not have the relationship he wanted with the winged horse Pegasus through force, only with a voluntary and loving relationship.

It is time to rethink all of your ideas about the right to dominate. Many of you have begun to do this. You can see the issue as it comes forth between men and women.

We are asking for help, we of the animal kingdom. We want a cooperative relationship with humans. We want to exist together in peace on our joint home, the planet earth. What does this mean you ask? It means that you would seek your food and entertainment from other sources. Not ride horses, you ask? If the relationship is a willing and voluntary one, that is fine. If it is not, then there are questions to ask yourself. Ask the same questions with regard to the life of your pet dog or cat, or any other pets. Is it a willing and voluntary relationship of mutual respect and companionship? One in which you respect the animal's need for relationship, space, freedom to explore, freedom to come and go?

We are not attempting to state a rule of no pets. We are asking you to think in terms of relationship.

But animals are not the same as humans, you say. No, they actually require more freedom than you, in some respects.

We are simply saying that all relationships are in process of becoming voluntary, not forced; all relationships. The issue here is control. You have learned to think of nature as something that must be controlled by humans lest it run amok. That is the opposite of the truth. Nature does not run amok. It is continually recreating a balance so you can continue to have a liveable environment. And when, as has happened a few times, humans have become too destructive with their exploration of creativity, nature steps in and restores balance.

Once more we say: it is not nature that needs to be controlled, it is the beliefs of humans that need to be changed. Humans need to see nature as a friend and protector with a long- term view, a much longer span of time than a single human lifetime. This is not the time for humans to be thinking in terms of mastering nature. That is a foolish notion. It is based on the idea that you are separate from nature.

And do not be misled by the notion that we animals exist by the laws of the "survival of the fittest." This idea, stemming from your ideas about domination and competition, does not fit the facts. As you learn peace in your hearts, you will begin to drop your ideas about the inevitability of competition and begin to notice that cooperation is all around you, everywhere. Competition is a culturally induced attitude.

Have you ever seen an animal in a rush? They may run for the pure joy of it or for safety, but they do not hurry for the reasons you do which have to do with guilt, burdens of responsibility, ideas about time, and so on. Spirit does not demand that you rush or that you worry about your daily responsibilities. Attunement to spirit would relieve you of the need for such behavior. It would be an enormous relief. You would be healthier. The next time you are tempted to rush or speed to do some task connected with your work, think about these ideas and take a moment to put yourself back in harmony with your inner self, the lovely world around you, the sun or wind, the trees, the beauty everywhere. See yourself as part of that great web of connections. One part of the web doesn't need to rush to another part of the web. There is a consciousness that knows the condition of the entire web and all the strands. You can trust that you always have time to do what your spirit really wants you to do.

We animals do not have God concepts as you do but we do have a very keen sense of the web of life in which we live. We do not think about God or make up stories about Him. We do live in an eternal now of loving cooperation within nature, which we recognize without words as a divine force, and as many divine energies working together for the greater good.

Rub your belly and feel how grateful your skin is to be touched. As animals, we know the pleasures of touching and being touched. We sleep curled up together whenever possible. We lick and scratch each other. We rub against each other. You need to be touched in a loving way by other beings. That is one reason why you love to hold a pet and are glad if the pet is willing to be held. It gives you some experience of warm touch. Give yourself the opportunity to be touched as often as is possible in your lives, in circumstances you trust. We are not speaking here of sex. For you, good sex requires good touching. With us it is often rather separate from the reproductive process. But we do not deprive ourselves of touch when no one is in heat. The touching is important all year round.

We perceive that the energy around your heart is constricted in many of you and would be more open if you were touching and being touched more in a way that is comfortable for you. We understand that there are social considerations that you must take into account. You could still have greater pleasure from this in your lives.

We perceive that you are, in fact, rather afraid of touching, just as you are afraid of strong emotion. This is all part of distrust of your own nature. As the heart opens you will be less afraid. It will be easier to trust. From there all good can come.

We have another gift for you. It is the gift of awareness. When you see an animal that looks alert, they are being aware, using all their senses, not necessarily in fear. They are noticing the slight differences in odors on the ground and in the air. They are noticing the direction of the wind, the patterns of prints on the ground, the broken stem or bent leaf, the temperature of the shade or sun, the direction of shadow, the presence or absence of water, the flow of tides and currents. When you walk in a forest you could notice all these things, too, and feel more at home.

You can also count on the animals as signal systems for you. They always know when an earthquake is coming, or other major events that might affect you. Observe the animals and trust their knowledge; it could save your life. There are outer signals, such as animal behavior, and inner signals, such as your own intuition. That, too, can save your life.

As simple a thing as trusting the experience of receiving these messages is a challenge for you. It would serve you well to trust that the universe is organized in such a way that you are not abandoned and not left without crucial information. It is all around you and always available. But you cannot access it through doubt, fear or skepticism. Those are different energies, like clouds in the way.

In the future, children will be able to play with their animal friends in ways you cannot easily imagine now. They will be able to walk safely anywhere among the animals, taking care only not to startle them, especially new mothers. A child will be able to touch a so-called wild animal. The animal will be able to read the energy aura of the child and know his or her state of mind. Those with no intention to hurt will be able to move about freely.

If you have children now who have not learned respect for animals, we ask you to teach them through your own example. Any animal you meet is a representative of that species and as such, can receive your telepathic messages. Tell them you love and appreciate them. Show your delight in their grace and any other attributes which appeal to you. Be aware that you are looking at a mirror of some part of yourself. Learn from the symbology. It isn't literal. Everything is symbolic on the earth plane of third dimension.

What does this mean? It means that everything you dwell upon in your mind and heart, everything that you believe in, is drawn into physical manifestation. This is happening more and more quickly. As the masters have advised you for thousands of years, take care where you point your attention. Your minds are creators when combined with emotion and belief.

Our gifts to you are love, wisdom, and power; the same three gifts you were born with. Each of you has these gifts as your inheritance. We show them to you. We remind you of them. We make them real for you in a certain sense. When you see a lion roar, you are looking at yourself. When you see a beautiful, sleek tiger padding through a field, you are looking at an aspect of your own self brought into sharp focus. Each of the tiniest creatures bears the imprint of the divine and knows it in some wordless way. You are the only ones who forgot, and that was your choice, your grand experiment.

Each of us deserves a place to live and quality of life. Each of us deserves, even as each of you do, an experience in the physical world with enough clean water, air, food, and shelter so that we become our fullest selves, whatever that may be. The world to come will have no homeless, neither human beings nor animals, pets or wild. There will be a knowingness within each being of the abundance of nature, the "enoughness" of creation, so that there will be no need for fences, private enclaves, cages or prisons. It will be a land without borders, without what you call private property. Humans will be, as they are now, the stewards of the land and they will care for it. They will not attempt to own, control or make vast changes in it without consulting with the nature devas and considering the long term good of all aspects of life.

There are four types of energy which always need to be taken into account: fire, water, air, and earth. They are intelligent and balancing forces, aspects of a greater being, the living earth. They are like blood, bone, breathe, and spirit. You thought that your forefathers were ignorant and superstitious when they showed reverence for many beings in nature. Actually, they knew something that many of you have forgotten. There is, indeed, an intelligent spirit within each aspect of nature. It does not ask to be worshipped or appeased but it does deserve respect.

Sit down with your pet dog or cat and look into their eyes. See the divine energy expressed in them. Sense what they feel and know. There is wisdom in them. Send your love through them to every animal of that species. The message will reach them all. Begin to do that with every member of the animal kingdoms that you meet. It is time to walk through your earth life in conscious communion with nature, not with fear, but with a sense of gratitude, delight and understanding. Send blessings and love everywhere.

Imagine a society in which cooperation is universal. There is no competition, nor any felt need for it. Each person has an open heart, follows their inner spirit's guidance, and finds a way to make a contribution. There is no fear, no self-doubt, no need for one to control another. People come together freely because they have common interests. The deep inner sense of trust which comes from a sense of spiritual connection leaves everyone free to trust one another and to build group cooperation.

Here is our call. We ask you to envision the new earth. We ask you to envision animals as peaceful companions. We ask you to teach your children reverence for life. We ask you to change your attitude towards the earth, the nature kingdoms, and your own bodies so that life can flow freely through you and through us, expressing itself in an infinite number of divinely made forms. Feel our love and friendship. Sense our loyal service, as so many of us have given it. Care for your home, the earth, as you would your personal space. Keep it clean. Nothing can be thrown away. There is no "away!" Learn from nature about recycling. And ask for help from the divine intelligences available in the non-physical planes to help you and to give you the ideas and inventions you need for this transition time.

Each animal mirrors an aspect of yourself or carries a lesson for humanity, a teaching of some kind.

Think of the animals as living symbols. You often use them that way in your dreams or visions. You will continue to have learning experiences dressed up in the symbology of living species. As you treat these animals with affection and respect, you will discover their gifts and learn new things about yourselves. Everything about an animal is a significant detail of creation.

You can surely realize all the implications for your own relationships. Bringing no harm to animals means bringing no harm to humans either. Compassion and joy will win the day.

You will find yourselves full of love instead of fear for the animals and able to receive and accept their love. They know a lot about unconditional loving. They will be your teachers.

Every culture has a tradition about the first being that brought them the gift of language in written form. Our language is love. It is not in picture form like yours. It can be in the form of an image as in telepathic communication. But the carrier is feeling. We wish to convey this to you. You have associated aggression with us. You have even said that the part of human nature that goes to war is the animal nature. Something like that. We protest. We do not make war upon one another. We do not take more than we need. We do not cage members of another species or torture them to make them obey our ideas. We do not kill because someone has a different idea. These behaviors are not from the animal kingdom. You must take responsibility for them yourselves and not blame God or nature for them.

You are on the road to accepting full responsibility for your own behavior; all of it, every thought, every feeling, every belief or image held in your mind. That is your task.

Your true nature is love, just as ours is. You will need to be willing to recognize that in yourselves. You will need to be willing to let go of your old ideas about sin and having a wicked nature. You, like us, are divine beings who have been participating in a play. The play is over. The scenery is being taken down. The back of the stage is being revealed. You are going to remember that you wrote the play and picked the actors and actresses. Now, it is time for a whole new kind of existence. Much more can be revealed to you about the nature of reality and the world you live in. The secrets of the ages are no longer secrets. They are published in books that circulate by the millions. Once, those who knew that humans create their own reality had to swear secrecy and risk losing their lives if they told anyone who was not a fellow initiate. No longer. You are all free to know, to learn, to remember, to understand and to use this wonderful knowledge to create the future that you want.

We are grateful that you have been willing to learn. We have much to share. We would like to share it with adults and children all over the world. We hope that our messages will travel far. The deva of any species can be called upon, no matter where you are. We are not confined to physical locations. We live in vibrational frequency ranges.

Each action you take to assist in the shift of consciousness from uncaring, disconnection and lack of responsibility to loving responsibility makes more of a difference in the outcome and timing than you can imagine. Each of you is the cosmos in miniature.

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