Icelandic Horse Connection

Icelandic Horse Acclimatization to Latitude and Size of Island

Acclimatization is the physiological adaptation of an animal to changes in climate or environment, such as light, temperature, or altitude.

Icelandic Horses (Ponies) became adapted to Iceland over many centuries.

There are two "laws" of nature that are reflective in the pony's adaptation to Iceland:

Bergman and Allen's Rules says that the farther north you go, the shorter the ears and stumpier the limbs you get on animals, whereas the farther south you go, the longer the ears and limbs. This law basically says that body morphology reflects climate in predictable ways.

Heany's Rule states that at high latitudes, the size of animals will relate to the size of the island upon which they are found (even if the island is a continent).

What will happen to the pony as the breed is changed by Iceland? Will the larger size be detrimental to it's health? Will changes affect things that were not intentionally meant to be changed?

For instance, what if the ears get bigger, but then are damaged by the cold.
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