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Icelandic Horse breed information including breeding, training, saddle fit, gaits, tolt, biomechanics, conformation, anatomy, horseback riding, selling, importing, registry, associations, clinic reports, articles, resources, and Icelandic Horses for sale.

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You will find everything you need or want to know about Icelandic Horses (aka icelandic horse, cheval islandais, island hast, islandske hest, island pferde, islenskir hestar, ijslands paard, islanninhevonen, islenskihesturinn, islandisches pferd, hestur, islandpony, icelandic pony) on this site.

Altho we focus on Icelandic Horse training, you will also find suggestions for buying Icelandic Horses; lists of Icelandic Horses for sale; about Icelandic Horse farms, Icelandic Horse breeders, Icelandic Horse tours, books on Icelandic Horses; Icelandic Horse saddles and tack, and lots of Icelandic Horse pictures, images, and some videos!

We are in the southwest US (California and Arizona), but our subscribers, members, and readers are world wide, going from Hawaii, to Alaska and Canada, to the Northwest (Washington, Oregon), to Utah, Idaho, to Minnesota, Wisconsin, to the Northeast (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, New Jersey) to the southeast areas of Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee), to Europe, and Iceland!

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It's the season! The Birth of an Icelandic Horse Foal NEW!

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Starri in the Sensation Hybrid

Icelandic Horse History, Ancestors, Information Icelandic Horse History, Ancestors, Background Information, Myths

Icelandic Horse Training, Parelli, True Horsemanship, Basic Groundwork Icelandic Horse Training, Groundwork, Horsemanship

Icelandic Horse Care, Feeding, Grooming Icelandic Horse Care, Feeding, Grooming

Icelandic Horse Saddles and Tack, Saddle Fitting Icelandic Horse Saddles, Saddle Fitting, Tack

Icelandic Horse Biomechanics and Movement, Conformation, Anatomy Icelandic Horse Biomechanics and Movement, Conformation, Anatomy

Icelandic Horse Books, Videos, DVDs Books, Videos, DVDs

Icelandic Horse Gaits, Easy Gaits, Cure That Pace Icelandic Horse Gaits / Easy Gaits

Free Newsletter, IceHorses Email List Icelandic Horse Resources, Email List, Newsletter, Archives

Icelandic Horse Clinic Reports Clinic Reports

Icelandic Horse Photos and JigSaw Puzzles Fun, Photos, and JigSaw Puzzles

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